Friday, May 10, 2013

First up: Caesar Miniatures Undead Skeletons


Been working on my first batch of Caesar Miniatures Skeletons for use in 1/72 fantasy. They are a nice kit, easily a must-have kind of box. A full review will be done as I wrap up the entire batch, but for now here are some sample teasers:

I made my lightbox out of a milk jug. I am such a cheapass!

This first pair were used to test color schemes. The one on the left is Sepia Wash, the one on the right is Devlan Mud. While I am pleased with how old and grim the one on the right is, I am leaning towards Sepia for more color and cartoony flavor. The figure on the left, by the way, was painted idly by my 12 year old cousin. :)

Hook 'em young.

Anyway, after that test scheme I set out to try my own Sepia washed skeleton and placed it alongside my current crop of fantasy guys to see if the styles matched. I'd say it was a success!

Hope you like them! More skeletons to come as well as reviews of the Caesar Miniatures Undead Skeletons, Revell French Knights and Dark Alliance Orcs. Spoiler alert, all the kits are pretty nice in their own ways!



  1. I'm putting my money down on the green-thing.


    1. Always bet on the Orc seems like a good rule