Sunday, May 12, 2013

Completed Skeleton unit plus review of Caesar Miniatures Skeletons

Hello. Finished up the last of my skeleton batch, and I feel it is ready to be declared finished:

I used a sepia wash over a bone color and painted everything simply to make sure I finished without using a lot of effort. The painting isn't fancy but its a decent tabletop standard by my book.

As for a review of the Caesar Miniatures Skeletons kit, I suppose I should break a review down in to three simple parts: 'Quality', in terms of posing and materials. 'Value', in cost per model, and finally 'Uniqueness', in terms of availability of other kits or options. Crude but effective. I suppose I'll rank models by a scale of 1 through 5. The scale will work with 1 being rather Terrible, 2 being Adequate, 3 being Good, 4 being Great and 5 being truly Excellent

Caesar Miniatures Undead Warriors (Skeletons): Scale 1/72 Fantasy

Quality: 3/5 (Good)

The quality of these figures are nice with sharp details that easily take to washes or drybrushing. Minor mold line removal will be necessary but not a particular burden as the material scrapes away easily. Poses are repeated but easily rectified with arm/head/weapons swaps.

Value: 4/5 (Great)

While the exact price of what I payed for these guys eludes me I recall it being close to 10$, give or take a couple bucks. The kit is roughly half skeletons with a few extra robed skeletons (with scythes), a few necromancers, a standard bearer and some passable Dracula ripoffs. The box is a great value.

Uniqueness: 5/5 (Excellent)

In addition to providing much needed 1/72 skeletons (being some of the only ones available) the kit also includes 4 robed necromancers/magic users (which are somewhat rare in 1/72 fantasy) as well as 8 robed skeletal 'reapers' that can make for excellent wraiths or some such (again, virtually impossible to find otherwise). The lack of competition clearly warrants a rating of 'excellent', there merely is no competing with this kit. Hopefully someone will take a crack at it in the future, though.

Overall Rating: Great!

Next up: Twilight Creation 'Zombies!!!' for use in 1/72. Remember folks, support your local necromancer!


Friday, May 10, 2013

First up: Caesar Miniatures Undead Skeletons


Been working on my first batch of Caesar Miniatures Skeletons for use in 1/72 fantasy. They are a nice kit, easily a must-have kind of box. A full review will be done as I wrap up the entire batch, but for now here are some sample teasers:

I made my lightbox out of a milk jug. I am such a cheapass!

This first pair were used to test color schemes. The one on the left is Sepia Wash, the one on the right is Devlan Mud. While I am pleased with how old and grim the one on the right is, I am leaning towards Sepia for more color and cartoony flavor. The figure on the left, by the way, was painted idly by my 12 year old cousin. :)

Hook 'em young.

Anyway, after that test scheme I set out to try my own Sepia washed skeleton and placed it alongside my current crop of fantasy guys to see if the styles matched. I'd say it was a success!

Hope you like them! More skeletons to come as well as reviews of the Caesar Miniatures Undead Skeletons, Revell French Knights and Dark Alliance Orcs. Spoiler alert, all the kits are pretty nice in their own ways!


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Campaign opener: Ok, so you're sitting there in the tavern...


I figured it was high time to start up a separate blog devoted to my fantasy endeavors. Its not right to have such things in a science fiction blog, now is it?

This blog is somewhat unique in that I'm going to be posting my progress on amassing a viable 1/72 scale fantasy miniatures collection. Along the way I'll review the miniatures I buy and weigh their pros and cons, as well as showing examples of the miniatures painted.

You can also expect, besides miniature reviews, a lot of terrain building, D&D campaign fluff, and other bits and bobs. You might even get to see some battle reports or shots from sessions of my group's D&D exploits (rocks fall, everyone dies).